RestArt Chef Lab 15.11

Being a chef is a demanding challenge.

Kitchen is a heart of the restaurant: place where gastronomic masterpieces are born and every minute a new dish appears, where hard work and… passions run high. At the same time kitchen needs consistency and maintainability. That is why cooks need knowledge and permanent professional development. The more knowledgeable is a cook, the less time and efforts he needs for cooking a dish, elaborating of menu, the more effective he uses ingredients, the more attentive he is to the sustainability of taste and quality, the more clear he interacts with other subdivisions of locations.

At Chef Lab you are awaited by ultrafashionable and at the same time simple product – poultry. Le Cordon Blue School prepared a lecture for you and a master class on poultry at the restaurant. You will find out how chicken and duck can take interesting beneficial positions on your menu.

For whom visiting of RestArt Lab will be useful and worthwhile:

– chefs;
– cooks;
– technologists;
– owners and managing directors of locations, who want to stay on top of the newest trends and technologies.

What result will you get:

– only practical up-to-date information;
– consistent knowledge and applicable recommendations on poultry cooking;
– the newest insights and techniques, used by European chefs;
– signature recipes and trendy servings.