RestArt Manager Lab, November 15

Manager Lab literally lets you touch the stars – as it consists of closed sessions with celebrity speakers with no more than 35 attendees. You fancy feeling like you’re chosen? Then Manager Lab is perfect for you. In a peaceful and private setting you are going to get a unique experience and openly talk with successful and globally famous professionals of hospitality. You probably should come with your questions ready – or at least be open to new, unexpected knowledge.

First session will be led by Cristina Bowerman. She is going to talk about Concept of modern restaurant: a mix of global and local, traditional and contemporary.

Next session is run by Romee de Goriainoff, сo-founder of the hotel and restaurant group – Experimental Group. The session is called Team work. Communication inside the team.

The workshop with a well-known British marketer Mark McCulloch will be dedicated to Marketing Fuck-Ups of Britain’s Restaurant Companies. If you would like to follow the way from a failure to success – please come.

Joe Warwick, the founder of World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, will host the closing session that will be focused on Gastronomical Journalism and Critique – How It Works. Obviously it’s going to be equally interesting to journalists, bloggers, food-critics and publishers as well as marketers, restaurateurs, investors and driven chefs.

Every grain of knowledge of our speakers is priceless. Meetings like these change the course of businesses, as well as the way you look at your business and on life in general. See you at Manager Lab!