Doug Satzman

CEO, top level manager (New York, USA)

Vigorous and very successful top-level manager with 20 years of work experience at Starbucks, Le Pain Quatidien.

Albert Adrià

Chef (Barcelona, Spain)

Chef, whose level cannot achieve neither René Redzepi, nor even Heston Blumenthal. With his participation paired with legendary brother Ferran Adria, elBulli was named as World`s Best Restaurant 5 record times.

Alan Yau

Restorateur (London, Great Britain)

One of the strongest world`s restaurateurs and legendary speaker, who cultivated love to Asian cuisine among the British. Alan is a restaurateur №1 in Great Britain according to The Power List: Restaurateurs.

Reginald Loos

Chef (London, Great Britain)

Chef, teacher at Le Cordon Bleu: “It is always exhausting and demanding to work at the Michelin restaurant, but this experience is magnificent! You don`t have the right to make mistakes. Everything must be in place. Especially on the plate. Unbelievable stress, but with the years I began to percept it more quietly”.

Benjamin Orpwood

Chef (London, Great Britain)

Executive Head Chef of Maze restaurant, Gordon Ramsay head chef, Michelin star owner.

Doug Satzman

New York, USA

Doug is a great communicator and authentic leader with high emotional intelligence aligned with vision, drive, unshakeable ethics and integrity.

He is known for his skill to inspire people at all levels of getting results, they used to think being impossible. His experience in managing of organisations with milliard budgets makes him a unique expert in the world of business.

Since 2000 till 2014 Doug built his career at Starbucks from manager retail chain development and licensing of retail operations in 35 countries of EMEA region.
During 14 years of his work at Starbucks his team managed to increase the quantity of locations from 2 000 up to 20 000 all over the world, opening 25-30 new locations per year!

Doug created first multichannel strategy of development strategy, which initiated a revolution in the model of entering new markets and created a new competitive edge. This brought to a double-digit growth of revenues and profit.

He also supported a significant reorganization, what united locations on continental Europe, and the Great Britain and head offices, that resulted in substantial decrease of expenses and joining efforts at the EMEA region.

Doug is a member of advisory board since 2016 года, that created a small business department for New York city administration with the aim to support sustainable growth and help to solve problems that restaurant industry faces with.

Since 2015 till 2017 Doug worked as a CEO Le Pain Quotidien in New York. He was responsible for developing of organic products brand and expanding of the chain over new countries. He elaborated a developing strategy of the company for 3-5 years, oriented to developing of new markets, creation of multichannel platforms of growth and use of innovative technologies. Doug headed corporative reorganization aimed at improving of client service, support of locations standard levels, reduction of expenses and preparation of active growth plans. Doug made emphasis on innovations in basic menu, simplifying of basic menu, reduction of complexity of basic dishes, acceleration of service rate and implementation of new mode of bakery product manufacturing.

Since October 2017 Doug works as CEO at Joe Coffee Company — a chain of coffee houses serving coffee of the highest quality in an informal and friendly ambience, and plans to push Joy Coffee brand to the world`s level. Doug is an investment partner of Danny Meyer — well-known restarateur, businessman and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group.

Albert Adrià

Barcelona, Spain

Albert Adria is a popular chef, one of the most influential chefs and recognized restaurateurs in the world.

He owns a restaurant group elBarri, including:
• Famous tapas bar Tickets 1* Michelin, where dinner turns in a real show;
• Classic Spanish location Bodega 1900;
• Restaurant of Peruvian cuisine Pakta 1* Michelin;
• Concept of modern Mexican street food cuisine El Nino Viejo;• Location of Mexican fine dining Hoja Santa 1* Michelin;
• Restaurant of fine dining Enigma*, where every dish has its own enciphered code;
• Restaurant Heart, gastronomic theatre in Cirque du Soleil style.

Albert is also known for his two published books «Natura» and «A Day at elBulli», elBulli catering service initiation at kitchen of Barcelona`s Aquarium. He also published a book with the title «Tapas. La cocina del Tickets».

In 1985 Albert becomes a part of elBulli restaurant, joining his brother Ferran. He turned it into the most famous restaurant in the world. Due to his amazing deserts, he as expected earned a reputation of the most creative chef and apparently the best pastry chef of his generation.

In 2015 Albert is named The World`s Best Pastry Chef according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and gets an award from National Academy of Gastronomy in Spain as a best entrepreneur in gastronomy.

In 2017 he announced a joint project of a major Spanish food hall with the chef José Andrés in New Yorkе. Opening is scheduled for 2019.

In 2018 Albert got an award from the National Academy of Gastronomy as the best chef in Spain.

Chef, whose level cannot achieve neither René Redzepi, nor even Heston Blumenthal. With his participation paired with legendary brother Ferran Adria, El Bulli was named as World`s Best Restaurant 5 record times.

Alan Yau

London, Great Britain

Alan Yau is one of the strongest restaurateurs in the world, OBE (The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) awarded, his two restaurants got Michelin star.

He opened his first restaurant Wagamama in 1992 in London and in 10 years sold the chain consisting of 26 restaurants for 60 millions of pounds, the current value of the chain amounts to $800 million.
The most famous restaurants of Alan are Busaba Eathai, Park Chinois, WagamamaHakkasan, Yauatcha, Babaji, Princi.

In 1999 Alan opened a restaurant of Thai cuisine Busaba Eathai that was sold for $30 millions in 2008.

One of the most popular restaurants of Alan — Hakkasan — was opened in 2001 and just in 2003 got a Michelin star, its current value amounts to $1 billion.

In 2004 Alan opened Yauatcha — Chinese tea house in London, which was in 2005 awarded a Michelin star.

In the following years Alan opened some more locations:
1. Bakery Princi in Soho, London, 2008;
2. European brasserie ST BETTY, Hong Kong, 2011;
3. Restaurant of Thai cuisine Naamyaa Café London, 2012;
4. Chinese restaurant Jing Yaa Tang, Beijing, 2012;
5. Chinese fine dining Song QI, Моnaco, 2014;
6. Restaurant of Turkish cuisine Babaji, Soho, London, 2014;
7. English pub with Chinese cuisine The Duck & Rice, London, 2015;
8. Chinese fine dining Park Chinois, London, 2015;
9. Turkish restaurant Yamabahce, London, 2017.

Beginning with 2016 Alan immersed entirely into the world of software. A Year later he launched his IT-project Softchow — a taste aggregation platform with recommendations of best locations according to taste combinations, structured as a social network. The aim of this service is a «pleasant experience» of users during their visits at the recommended restaurant.

Reginald Ioos

London, Great Britain

Chef Reginald Loos started his career at the hotel Sheraton Skyline 5* in Heathrow, London.

Having got enough of professional experience and culinary skills within four years, he moved to Brussels where he worked at the restaurant Sea Grill 2* Michelin, as well as аt the restaurant of hotel chain Sheraton 5*.

Before to start in 2008 his teaching career at the French school Le Cordon Bleu*, Reginald came back to France in 2005 and during several years continued his work at top level hotels of Paris. Till 2013 Reginald Ioos also worked as a chef in different ministries of France.

Le Cordon Bleu School is a place of power for the chef, where you can always express your culinary passion.

*Le Cordon Bleu is considered today the largest network of culinary and hospitality schools in the world with more than 35 institutes in 20 countries and 20,000 students of over 100 nationalities are trained every year.

Benjamin Orpwood

London, Great Britain

Ben started his career with learning from well-known chef Hans Schwietzer. In 2005 he started working at famous restaurant chain Zuma with chef Colin Clague whom he followed up and who became his mentor.

Ben’s career was blooming. He started to launch new restaurants of Zuma chain in Istanbul, Dubai, Hong Kong.

When Ben desired changes in his life, he moved to Sydney where he had been working for 5 years. There he got huge experience from the best chefs of various famous restaurants.

In 2015 famous glamorous London fish and Asian restaurant Sexy Fish invited Ben for cooperation. There Ben showed incredible results. After he was invited to join Gordon Ramsay Group.
Ben became an Executive Head Chef of Maze restaurant and got his Michelin star.